Monday, April 15, 2013

Bearings Market in India

It is followed by an introduction section provides a classification of the Indian bearings market. It also includes a snapshot of the different categories of bearings that find an extensive application in the Indian market.The market overview section begins with an overview of the market structure of the Indian bearings market. This section provides a brief snapshot of the Indian bearings industry. It also contains a brief description of the after market supply chain of the Indian bearings market.The next section provides a brief description of the bearing manufacturing process including the major operations used in bearings production.The report then focuses on the major production hubs for bearings and the hubs for manufacturing bearings components in IndiaIt also provides detailed information about the exports and imports of bearings in India in terms of value.Factors driving the growth of bearings market in India are also explained in detail. Growing demand for automobiles and auto components are one the major factors influencing the growth of the bearings market. Increased investment in wind turbines in India provides a major opportunity for market growth. Robust construction & mining equipment market has also facilitated further development of the market. Expanding railway sector boosts the demand for bearings in the market. Healthy economic outlook also stimulates the growth of the Indian bearings industry.The players operating in the market also face challenges which are hampering their development and growth. Counterfeit products pose a major hindrance in market growth. Stiff competition prevalent in the market also presents a major challenge for market growth. Rising steel prices act as a major bottleneck in the development of the Indian bearings industry.
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