Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Automotive active safety systems market in 2013 will reach $24.08bn.

Advanced electronic systems are entering all aspects of modern vehicles, from connected navigation to advanced infotainment systems. In addition to the comfort and convenience resulting from these electronic advancements there are significant opportunities for improving safety as well. Vehicles safety systems have evolved from protecting drivers and passengers in the event of an accident to preventing accidents from happening altogether. As a consequence visiongain has determined that the total value of the automotive active safety systems market in 2013 will reach $24.08bn.The global automotive active safety systems market will see significant opportunities throughout the forecast period. An important driver is the development of the more affordable active safety systems which are becoming part of the standard equipment through consumer demand as well as government regulations.More advanced and costly systems are also increasingly spreading down through the segments. These systems are generally first introduced into the upper premium segments. As the technology improves and the cost of production comes down the systems become optional extras on less expensive cars and so the trickle down effect continues.
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