Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles for Land, Water and Air

IDTechEx provides forecasts and analysis of all electric vehicles, land, water and air. IDTechEx has studied this sector for 13 years so far and each year new categories become significant, this year being the turn for car-like vehicles not homologated as cars to become a separately forecasted category because of a lift-off in sales. Mainstream hybrid and pure electric cars, are of course important and they are closely covered by IDTechEx but they are something of a special case. Being massively loss-making, forecasting sales of hybrid and pure electric mainstream cars is largely a matter of forecasting very uncertain levels of industrial, government and other financial support. They are the largest sector by value but industrial/commercial EVs are very close behind at $93 billion in 2023 and they are already profitable for most manufacturers.

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